From The Desk of Ray & Lisa Jernukian

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We met on a blind date in 1995, oddly enough that neither of us wanted to go on. We agreed to meet for a pizza just figuring hey grab a bite to eat get it over with and move on. Then as neither of us figured, there was a connection. We realized after a short time our destiny was to be together. A little over a year later married, and here we are 12 years later:, and brought two incredible children into the world along the way.

Our story started fairly well, I was a Skilled Tradesman / Machinist never liked the job but it paid the bills. I tried my hand in the brick and mortar business world first with a gourmet restaurant then with a flooring company. A few years after they didn’t pan out I became fully licensed with a Series 66 and a Series 7 as a Financial Planner. It was a glamorous position but I didn’t feel it allowed me to be successful at a high level without jeopardizing my integrity. Lisa by profession was a Dental Hygienist her entire career. Both at the time were good careers that paid fairly well, and then the bottom started to fall out of the auto industry. It was difficult to keep a job if you could even find one and living in Michigan, where everything related to the auto industry, Lisa was having difficulties staying in work also. For us it was clearly time to start a home business.

We knew our careers were on life support and had to make a change and a home business seemed like the way. Also with one child here and another on the way, we really wanted Lisa home with them. We got into the network marketing industry as it presented a great way for the average person to get into a business with a real possibility to create something special. The first couple of tries failed miserably then a third showed some promise but eventually it seemed as we were just spinning our wheels unable to get any real income.

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Then it was shortly after that event when Lisa and I found our calling. Lookiing at a few legitimate home based businesses we found our home, a venture built not on team work but a community. A community of incredible like minded individuals in this that work together, mentoring, coaching, learning and supporting one another selflessly, moving together as one toward a common goal. The Law of Attraction, personal growth and personal development were all components. This was the force that allowed us to realize our dream and to have our share of the abundance that is here for us all. To allow both Lisa and I to now be raising our children and working our business full time from the comfort of our home, not just Lisa but we are both home living our dream.

What We Do / What We Are About

For us it is all about giving back now. We were just honored with the 2009 Peak Performer Award and then elected to the Executive Global Leadership Team in our primary business. This is something we truly treasure as an outstanding moment coming from our piers. The only thing we could think of to surpass that honor would be to help someone just like you gain that same honor with which ever business you are in. As I said above we are living our dream now and feel it is not our duty but our destiny to help others reach their goals and realize their dreams. Our path to success, the temporary defeats and successes we have been though finding LifePath Unlimited have taught us many lesson

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